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Alaska Insulation Industries is backed by 35 years of experience in thermal insulation industry, From Starting in 1989 as Gujarat Insulation (now ASK Insulators Pvt ltd), a contracting firm for hot and cold insulation, to Starting our 1st manufacturing facility for cold insulation under the name "Alaska PUF industries" in 2008 and now we are manufacturing high quality hot insulation material - Calcium Silicate.

Our manufacturing facility spread across 20,000 Sq.ft area is located near Ahmedabad, and it is equipped with latest machinery, hi-tech automation and environment friendly approach towards production. Having production capacity of 1000 m3 per month, we can provide calcium silicate in block form for up to 1m x 1m size in various thickness and pipe sections precisely cut in CNC machine for various sizes. We even manufacture high density pipe supports of calcium silicate for various pipe sizes.

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Enhance energy efficiency and protect your infrastructure with our cutting-edge Calcium Silicate Insulation. Experience superior thermal performance, fire resistance, and moisture control. Discover the power of sustainable insulation solutions today

Why Calcium Silicate Insulation?

Rigid PUF materials for thermal insulation applications

Calcium silicate thermal insulation offers several benefits, making it a popular choice for various applications. Here are some of the advantages of using calcium silicate thermal insulation:

  • Excellent thermal performance :

    Calcium silicate insulation has low thermal conductivity, which means it is an effective insulator. It helps in reducing heat transfer and maintaining stable temperatures in buildings or industrial processes.

  • Fire resistance :

    Calcium silicate insulation has excellent fire-resistant properties. It is non-combustible and can withstand high temperatures without releasing toxic gases. This feature enhances safety and makes it suitable for applications where fire protection is critical.

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